Plutus Awards Categories

It’s almost time to start the nomination process for the Plutus Awards. We’ve got a lot of great events lined up for the Plutus Awards, and great sponsors making it happen. USAA is sponsoring the ceremony, Experian is sponsoring the Happy Hour following the ceremony, and Scottrade is providing the Winner Gift Bags (you can still provide gifts for the Plutus Awards Winners). We are also grateful to Fidelity for sponsoring our Digital Media efforts, including the site re-design.

As in years past, we are accepting nominations for finalists. The top five vote-getters in each category (with the exceptions of Blog of the Year and People’s Choice, which have 10) will be finalists.

Once finalists are chosen, the Plutus Awards Blogger Panel will vote on the finalists to determine the Winners. Panelists do not vote in categories in which they have a blog as a finalist, so we hope that we can get a number of bloggers to apply to join the panel so we have a good cross-section of the blogging community.

Here are this year’s Plutus Awards categories:

New Media Categories

These are the awards for independent bloggers, not companies. Any blogger or member of the general public can nominate blogs and/or bloggers for these awards. Encourage your readers, friends, and relatives to nominate you for an award. This is a fun portion of the Plutus Awards, giving everyone a chance for consideration. Drum up support, and get in the finals! Nominations will be taken from August 1 through August 25.

We are tweaking things a little bit this year for the Lifetime Achievement award. We’ve had some input from other bloggers, and, while the nominations in this category will give the Plutus Awards Blogger Panel something to consider, the Lifetime Achievement award will be presented to someone the panel feels has contributed to the personal finance blogging community over a period of time.

And, of course, as always, the People’s Choice award will be presented to a winner strictly on the basis of the popular vote. The 10 finalists for the People’s Choice award will be announced by August 27, and then another round of voting will begin and run until 11:59 pm Eastern on September 17, 2014 — just before FinCon begins.

Here are this year’s New Media categories:

  • Best New Personal Finance Blog
  • Best-Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Designed Personal Finance Blog
  • Most Humorous Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Microblog
  • Best Personal Finance Podcast
  • Best Retirement Blog
  • Best Entrepreneurship Blog
  • Best Blog for Teens/College Students/Young Adults
  • Best International Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Religious Personal Finance Blog
  • Best Tax Blog
  • Best Deals and Bargains Blog
  • Best Frugality Blog
  • Best Debt Blog
  • Best Investing Blog
  • Best Contributor/Freelancer for Personal Finance
  • Best Green/Sustainability Blog
  • Best Collaborative Project for Personal Finance
  • Best Financial Planner Blog
  • Best Video/Multimedia Production for Personal Finance
  • Best Educational Resource for Personal Finance
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • People’s Choice

Product and Service Categories

There are plenty of great products and services offered by the financial industry. As bloggers, we often get the chance to review various offers, products, and services. Now is our chance to recognize the best in the financial industry. Only bloggers are able to nominate financial products and services. The top five nomination recipients will be finalists, and the winner will be decided by the Plutus Awards Blogger Panel.

Some companies have asked for special consideration, and their backgrounders will be available for review next to certain categories. This doesn’t ensure that these companies will be finalists, but it does provide you with some ideas as to who is supportive of the blogger community, and who would like your attention.

Here are this year’s product and service categories:

  • Best Savings or Money Market Account
  • Best Checking or Transaction Account
  • Best Banking Website
  • Best Overall Bank
  • Best Discount Brokerage
  • Best Credit Card Offer
  • Best Personal Finance Advisory App or Online Service (
  • Best Personal Finance Management App or Online Service
  • Best Coupon or Shopping App
  • Best Peer-to-Peer Lending Service
  • Best Fundraising Platform
  • Best New Personal Finance Book
  • Best Use of Social Media
  • Best Corporate Blog

It’s going to be an exciting year, and we’re thrilled to be gearing up for FinCon and what we hope will be the best Plutus Awards yet!

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