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Your Questions About the Plutus Awards Answered

Every year, the Plutus Awards Panel reviews the categories and suggests changes that reflect the trends in the diverse community of financial writers, podcasters, video producers, authors, speakers, and influencers. The intent is for the categories to reflect the changing nature of the community. As a result, there are changes in the categories from time to time.

The Plutus Awards Panel discusses and votes on the final list of categories submitted to the Panel management and the Plutus Awards executive team. The executive team publishes the list of categories prior to opening submissions each year.

There are two paths for blogs, podcasts, other projects, and people to be considered for selection in the Plutus Awards. Project creators (bloggers, podcasters, video producers, etc.) may submit their project for consideration. Alternatively, the general public, including audience members, fans, and other content creators, may nominate their favorite project or deserving people for consideration.

For most categories, the Panel reviews and discusses submissions and nominations and selects the finalists and winners throough a secure and private voting process. The voting is tabulated by the Panel management.

The Plutus Awards Panel follows a set of guidelines that help to evaluate projects. Some aspects considered include quality, frequency, relevance, and timeliness of content.

Plutus Foundation Service Award. In the event that this award is given, the Plutus Foundation team selects the winner.

People’s Choice Award. The public votes for this award, and the project with the most unique votes will receive the award.

Some categories are limited. As of 2020, projects may win any “Of the Year” category or People’s Choice only once. The Plutus Awards Panel makes an effort to reflect diversity across the slate of all finalists in any given year.

The Plutus Awards Panel is a diverse representation of the community of financial content creators and infuencers.

Every year, the Plutus Awards opens applications for members of the community (financial writers, podcasters, video producers, influencers, etc.) to serve on the Plutus Awards Panel. The Plutus Awards Panel management, in combination with the Plutus Award executive team, selects fifty to seventy applicants to serve on the Plutus Awards Panel.

Some of the criteria considered for participation in the panel include experience in independent financial media, involvement in community projects, and enthusiasm for the Plutus Awards, while keeping diverity and inclusion in mind.

Panelists who contriute in a material fashion to a project that is being considered as a finalist are restricted from voting in that project’s category.

Trophies are available for sponsorship. Learn more about becoming a partner here.

Trophy sponsors are ineligible to qualify as a finalist in that trophy’s category.

The Plutus Awards team includes volunteers from throughout the community who are dedicated to producing a meaningful awards season.

Harlan L. Landes

Plutus Foundation

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit Freelancing
Panel Manager

Charlotte Baker

Plutus Foundation, Teens Got Cents
Project Coordinator

Sherrian Crumbley

Plutus Foundation
Program Associate

Ashley Jacobs Headshot

Ashley Jacobs

Plutus Foundation
Social Media

Joe Saul-Sehy

Stacking Benjamins

Lance Cothern

Money Manifesto
Volunteer Coordinator

Natalie Torres-Haddad

Financially Savvy Latina

In addition to the executive team, the Plutus Awards would not be possible without the help from many additional volunteers throughout the seasons and at the awards ceremonies.

Shannyn Allan
Cat Alford
Andrea Amir
Eva Baker
Bethany Bayless
Jackie Beck
Gretchen Behnke
Melissa Bondar
Jessica Bufkin
Justin Bufkin
Jason Butler
Ellen Cannon
Brynne Conroy
Jordon Cox
Gerri Detweiler
Tom Drake

Kristen Edens
Corey Fick
Dan Franks
Donna Freedman
Matt Giovanisci
George Grombacher
Michael Hall
Stephanie Halligan
Jennifer Hemphill
Andy Hill
Cameron Huddleston
J. Money
Greg Johnson
Holly Johnson
Simi Khabra

Stephanie Kibler
Anthony Kirlew
Athena Lent
Brandon Marcott
Pete McPherson
Erin Millard
John Nardini
Eric Nisall
Stefanie O'Connell
Pauline Paquin
Abigail Perry
Sarah Potter
Julie Rains
Jeff Rose
Eric Rosenberg
J.D. Roth

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
Jaymee Sison
Kayla Sloan
Sandy Smith
Jason Steele
Crystal Stemberger
Philip Taylor
Natalie Torres
Kylie Travers
Chenell Tull
Scott Alan Turner
Jacob Wade
Jim Wang
Katie Ward-Brewer
David Weliver
Roger Whitney

& The Plutus Awards Panel

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