Winners of the 4th Annual Plutus Awards

To start off the Financial Blogger Conference weekend, the Plutus Awards ceremony in St. Louis put all conference attendees in the mood for an exciting weekend. Kevin McKee, from Reward Boost and Thousandaire created two musical numbers for the event, and for the opening number, he was joined on stage by Ashley Jacobs of WiseBread.

After the opening numbers, Plutus Awards panelists and other volunteers took the stage to present awards to the winners of the blog categories. Thank you again to all the volunteers who helped make this year’s awards ceremony one of the highlights of the FinCon. Thanks also to the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch for providing the great space for the ceremony, and to Philip Taylor (PT Money) and his team for putting on a great conference and inviting the Plutus Awards back this year.

Thanks also to our main sponsors for the night: Scottrade, who sponsored the after-party; Fidelity Investments, who sponsored the entertainment; and State Farm, who sponsored the gift bags.

For my summary of the conference, which includes my thoughts on the Plutus Awards, the awards ceremony, and after-party, head over to

Here is the official recording of the Fourth Annual Plutus Awards ceremony. It’s worth watching for the performance at the beginning (after I leave the stage).

At the Financial Blogger Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, the Plutus Awards recognized excellence in the personal finance blogging community with an awards ceremony hosted by Kevin McKee. Special guests presented winners in attendance with trophies, certificates, and prize bags from sponsors. The entertainment for the night was made possible by Fourth Annual Plutus Awards sponsor, Fidelity Investments. The prize bags were made possible by sponsor State Farm, as well as by many other FinCon and Plutus Awards sponsors.

To determine the finalists in each categories, the Plutus Awards blogger panel accepted nominations from the public. The nominations were tallied by the panel and the finalists in each category were chosen from among the nominees. The panel then had the ultimate decision in choosing the winner from among the finalists in each category.

The finalists and winners

Best New Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by Confessions of a Professional Blogger

Best Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults, sponsored by USAA

Best Personal Finance Blog for Retirement, sponsored by JemStep

Best Designed Personal Finance Blog

Best Green / Sustainability Personal Finance Blog

Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Best International Personal Finance Blog

Best Religious Personal Finance Blog

Best Investing-Focused Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by JemStep

Best Debt-Focused Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by eCredable

Best Frugality-Focused Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by

Best Tax-Focused Personal Finance Blog

Best-Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by

Best Multimedia for a Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by USAA

Best Personal Finance Micro-Blog

Best Researched Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by Experian

Best Collaborative Blogger Project

Most Humorous Personal Finance Blog, sponsored by PT Money

Best Blog Contributor or Freelance Writer, sponsored by Experian

  • Winner: Miranda Marquit
  • Finalists: Cat Alford, Kevin Mercadante, Michelle (Making Sense of Cents), Jason Steele

Lifetime Achievement Award, sponsored by FinCon

People’s Choice, sponsored by Digital CoLab

Blog of the Year, sponsored by Bank Affiliates

The winners of these categories reflect the opinions of the personal finance blogging community. All personal finance bloggers were asked to share their opinions about the favorite banks and services, in order to determine the companies and products that most reflect the concepts that are important to this community of experts. Winning the Plutus Awards is an honor that is reserved for companies that offer the most community-friendly services and are working to make the world a better place from a financial perspective.

The finalists and winners

Best Savings or Money Market Account

Best Checking or Transaction Account

Best Banking Website

Best Overall Bank

Best Discount Brokerage

Best Credit Card Offer

Best Personal Finance Software – Desktop or Web

Best Personal Finance Software – Mobile

Best Money-Saving Tool or Application

Best Peer-to-Peer or Social Lending Service

Best Fundraising Platform

Best New Personal Finance Book

Best Use of Social Media

Best Blog


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