Congratulations to the winners of the 9th Annual Plutus Awards.

These winners were announced on Friday, September 28. We will soon make video from the event available to watch on this website and on YouTube.

Best Family Finance Blog Presented By FamZoo

Best New Personal Finance Book Presented By Club Thrifty

Best Series: Blog, Podcast, or Video

Best Retirement Blog Presented By Roger Whitney

Best International Personal Finance Blog Presented By Maple Money

Best Generation X or Baby Boomer Blog

Best Millennial or Generation Z Blog

Best Real Estate Blog

Best Financial Planner Blog

Best Multi-Author Blog or Co-Hosted Podcast

Best Use of Social Media Presented By Mother of Marketing

Community Builder Award

Best Student Loan/Student Debt Blog Presented By Financial Panther

Best Freelancer/Contributor Presented By bSolo

Best Investing Blog or Podcast Presented By DollarSprout

Best Debt Freedom Blog Presented By Monica Louie

Best Personal Finance YouTube Channel Presented By Penny Pinchin' Mom

Best Entrepreneurship/Side Hustle Blog Presented By Monica Louie

Best Finance Blog for Women Presented By Women's Money Talk

Best Frugality Blog

Best Financial Independence/Retire Early Blog or Podcast Presented By Wallet Hacks

Best New Personal Finance Podcast

Best New Personal Finance Blog Presented By Well Kept Wallet

Lifetime Achievement

Podcast of the Year Presented By Steve Stewart

Blog of the Year

Plutus Foundation Service Award

People's Choice Award

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