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How to Recover From Burnout: 5 Steps I’ve Taken

“The 5 stages of burnout and the 5 exact steps I took to pull myself out of them.” – I Like To Dabble

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How to Lower Housing Costs

“If you are looking to improve your financial situation, you should consider lowering your housing costs. Figuring out how to them will depend on your unique situation. Here is a framework that gives you the tools to identify some ways that may work for you.” – The Fioneers

A Friend Stole From Me

“Have you ever had someone steal from you? What did you do? Join Linda and I as we discuss how God changed my perspective when a friend stole from me!” – Seed Time Money

Stop Overspending With This Simple Budgeting Trick

“This has helped me reel in my overspending and create new spending habits that allowed me to live the life I wanted while meeting my savings goals. It’s a powerful trick that can have a lasting effect on how you approach your spending.” – Cash For Tacos

Lending Money to Friends and Family: 6 Things to Consider

“Receiving a call from someone you care about who is stressed over a financial problem, can be uncomfortable. If you are considering lending money to a friend or family member, here are six things to consider.” – Millers On Fire

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