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Smart Money Moves For Women In Their 20s

“Making smart financial decisions is important at any age, but if you’re a woman in your 20s, smart money moves early on will set you up for success for decades to come. ” – Keeping Up with the Bulls

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How to Prevent Financial Mistakes Before and After the Wedding

“Earlier generations made the mistake of believing discussions of money were impolite, rude, and even crass. In public, such discussions may still generate similar reactions, but inside a home and between couples, money talks should be not only frequent but the norm.” – Money Done Right

The Paycheck to Paycheck Budget

“Almost 78% percent of Americans say they live paycheck to paycheck. If you want to break the cycle, sometimes you have to think outside the box. The paycheck budget is one way to do that.” – Wealthy Nickel

Letters from the Past

“As happens when I reread my goals, I find myself realizing that some goals take longer than a year to accomplish. Change takes time, and persistence. But if the goals you set are goals of the heart,and you keep doggedly pursuing them, then you can and will achieve them and change your life. Slowly, but surely.” – The Three Year Experiment

What Is Travel Hacking?

“Travel Hacking has come to the forefront as one of the best ways to help on your path to financial independence, while still enjoying life to its fullest. All work and no play can make life dull and boring, and its hard to stick to a financial plan when you have no fun built in. Enter Travel Hacking and here comes some fun!” – Making Magical Moments

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