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How are the winners determined and announced?
Submissions, representing all types of financial content published online, including blogs, podcasts, and video series across a number of categories of content, are solicited every year. These submissions come from financial content creators who complete this form, nominations from the public, and supplemental submissions from members of the Plutus Awards Panel.
The Panel reviews the submissions using a rubric to find and select the projects that best exemplify the excellence in content publishing the community has come to expect from award finalists and winners. The Panel votes, and presents a list of finalists in every category. At the annual Plutus Awards ceremony, the winner of each category is announced and prizes are distributed.
Who is eligible to win a Plutus Award?
All independent financial content creators are eligible the be a finalist or a winner in all of the categories. For most categories, a project is no longer eligible after it was a winner in that category in two prior years. For some categories, a project is no longer available after it was a winner in that category in a prior year.
Projects or individuals selected as finalists or winners will be active or current with their publishing, relevant to the category, and exemplary of excellence.
What is the Plutus Awards Panel?
The Plutus Awards Panel is a group of representative financial content creators who apply to serve. These content creators have a vested interest in excellence in content development. Some are new to the community while most have many years of experience publishing financial content.
A new panel convenes every year to review the list of categories and make any suggestions for changes based on what topics or themes have been most prevalent while still maintaining long-term relevance.
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