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Michelle Jackson and the Plutus Awards team invite financial media rockstars to talk about success with blogging, podcasting, writing, speaking, and more.

Their stories will inspire you.

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Plutus Awards Podcast - Jillian Johnsrud Cover

Episode 3: Jillian Johnsrud, Everyday Courage

Episode 4: Angela Rozmyn and Dr. Regina Moore

Plutus Awards Podcast - Patrina Dixon Cover

Episode 6: Patrina Dixon, It's My Money

How to Affiliate Market the Ethical Way
Episode will broadcast on Wednesday, July 6. Show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Rachel Hernandez Cover

Episode 7: Rachel Hernandez, Mobile Home Girl

The Mobile Home Girl Shares How She Pivoted From A Free to a Paid Membership
Episode will broadcast on Wednesday, July 13. Show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Michelle Jackson Cover

Episode 8: Michelle Jackson

Navigating the Nuances of Monetizing a Personal Finance Brand
Episode will broadcast on Wednesday, July 20. Show notes coming soon.

Previous Episodes From Prior Seasons

Harlan Landes speaks to Bethany McCamish from His and Her FI Post about ways to identify your strengths and how to use them to adapt to something new. She also talks about ways to sell yourself and how freelancers can find potential clients.

Joe Saul-Sehy, founder and co-host of Stacking Benjamins joins Plutus Awards Podcast host Chris Browning to talk about how Joe's shows have found the best formulas for podcast success.

Miranda Marquit speaks with J. Money about selling his blog and the challenges in letting go and moving on. J. also shares about different projects he walked away from and his resolve to frame the life he wants.

Harlan speaks to Angela Rozmyn from Tread Lightly, Retire Early about her passion for looking holistically at our world and how we fit into it. Angela shares the steps she has taken to save money, lower her consumption, and support her community more.

Kara Perez speaks with Plutus Awards Podcast host Chris Browning about her pop-up event, Talk Money to Me, and her strides to give access to those who do not feel traditionally represented.

Harlan chats with Sarah Li-Cain to discuss the emotions surrounding the current world status and dealing with the grief surrounding our finances today.

Eric Rosenberg joins Chris Browning to talk about his journey in personal finance media, from a part-time blogger to a thriving business owner, including lessons he has learned, challenges he currently faces, and some of the bumps along the way.

Harlan speaks with Ashley Barnett and Clint Proctor about how businesses are faring in this climate. They offer tips about what freelancers can do now to help them successfully navigate disruptions to their income.

Through her experiences and interactions, Brynne Conroy has discovered the complexity of sexual orientation, disability, racism. She talks with Chris about her passion for understanding these systems and impacting those who are facing oppression.

On our recent webinar, Harlan Landes asks Jay Fleischman, lawyer, some of the pressing questions about student loans during these times.

Our community is filled with hundreds of stories from creators and entrepreneurs just like you. Through this podcast, we plan to share …

Our community is filled with hundreds of stories from creators and entrepreneurs just like you. Through this podcast, we plan to share …

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Michelle Jackson, host
Plutus Awards Podcast Staff - Steve Stewart Photo
Steve Stewart, audio producer

You will be inspired by these stories.

Hear from the top financial authors, podcasters, video creators, and speakers. What are the secrets of their success?

This podcast is for the independent financial media. Bloggers, writers, podcasters, and more will hear from the best of the best.

The Plutus Awards Podcast is hosted by Michelle Jackson (Michelle Is Money Hungry) with assistance from Plutus Awards founder Harlan Landes and long-time Plutus Awards volunteer Miranda Marquit.

In each episode, Michelle speaks to content creators, entrepreneurs, Plutus Award winners, and your idols in the financial media. For more about the Plutus Awards, visit

About Michelle Jackson, host of the Plutus Awards Podcast.

Michelle Jackson is the award winning host of “Michelle is Money Hungry.” Thoughtfully holding financial conversations leading with change and equity in mind. You can find her roaming around Colorado during her down time.

About Steve Stewart, audio producer of the Plutus Awards Podcast.

Steve helps podcasters free up their time from editing so they can focus on growing their business.

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