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The Deadly Sins of Content Creation

Series 6 of the Plutus Awards Podcast

Plutus Awards Podcast - Michelle Jackson Square


Michelle Jackson

The Seven Deadly Sins of Content Creation

In this first episode of Series 6, Michelle Jackson introduces this season’s topic: the deadly sins that content creators make. She also shares some of her own mistakes as a creator and entrepreneur.

Plutus Awards Podcast - Natasha Scott Square

Natasha Scott

The Sin of Omission: How to & Why Share About Your Reality

Michelle Jackson speaks with Natasha Scott about how content creators influence their audiences to take action without sharing the truth about what happens behind the scenes.

Plutus Awards Podcast - LaTisha Styles Headshot


LaTisha Styles

The Sin of Pride: No Shame in Backtracking

LaTisha Styles joins Michelle Jackson to discuss how returning to her nine-to-five job allowed her to rethink her approach to entrepreneurship.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Rahkim Sabree Square


Rahkim Sabree

The Sin of Hubris: How to Use Insight From Your Audience

Rahkim Sabree speaks with host Michelle Jackson about hubris. Just because we built something doesn’t mean that our audience wants it. Learn the lessons learned from the mistake of building out a product without talking to your audience.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Amanda Page Square


Amanda Page

The Sin of Perfectionism: How Bold Moves Pay Off When You Think You're Not Ready

Fear and perfectionism are the constant enemies of a creator. Michelle Jackson speaks with Amanda Page about how creators can overcome these obstacles and take risks in developing projects that may feel out of reach for them.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Marcia Armstrong Square


Marcia Armstrong

The Sin of Inconsistency: Commit to Your Process to Achieve Results

Host Michelle Jackson talks with Marcia Armstrong about the sin of inconsistency. Marcia shares how too many zero-revenue months forced her to look at her business and the steps she took to turn things around in about 30 days.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Terri Huggins Hart Square


Terri Huggins Hart

The Sin of Vagueness: Clarify Your Ownership As a Freelancer

When you are unclear and confused about the direction of your business, others will be too. Terri Huggins Hart and Michelle Jackson discuss clarity and intentions in business and how ownership develops in a freelance career.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Felicia Gopaul Square


Felicia Gopaul

The Sin of Misalignment: Why Your Brand's Consistency Is So Important

It is hard to know what areas to focus on when building your brand. One thing is clear, you cannot do everything! Felicia Gopaul shares with Michelle Jackson how trying to do everything hurt her brand and what focuses allowed her business began to thrive.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Adrienne Taylor Square


Adrienne Taylor

The Sin of Purposelessness: Tailor Your Products to Your Audience's Needs

We can build courses and do webinars, but these don’t guarantee success. Adrienne Taylor speaks with host Michelle Jackson about the need to be authentic and vulnerable with our audiences and the importance of seeing people and not just sales.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Dr. Derricka Harwell Square


Dr. Derricka Harwell

The Sin of Haste: How Early Success Can Damage Long-Term Growth

Dr. Derricka Harwell shares how early success without the right systems and people in place can be costly. She shares what she learned, how she figured out what didn’t work, and the successful decisions she made the second time around.

Previous Episodes From Prior Seasons

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Carter Cofield, the founder of Cofield's Concepts, about the birth of Cofield's Concepts, the decision-making process and pay-off from his hiring choices, and how to leverage hiring as an investment to grow your business.

Emily Guy Birken speaks with podcast host Sarah Li Cain about the systems that Emily set in place for herself and her family to reorganize their routines and adapt to both the pandemic and the change in Emily’s work intensity from her new book contract.

Elyssa Kirkham, the founder of Brave Saver, talks with Sarah Li Cain about honoring the experiences of Elyssa's audience, acknowledging how personal experience informs financial decisions, and creating nuanced financial advice.

Paul Vasey, the founder of Cash Crunch Games talks with host Sarah Li Cain about the educational impacts of gamification and building his business to change how students learn personal finance.

David Stein, the founder of Money For the Rest of Us, talks with host Sarah Li Cain about the intricacies of operating a membership site and the steps he took to set his membership site up for success.

Kevin L. Matthews, the founder of Building Bread, about his journey building a business, the support he received from his spouse, and the mindset shifts that needed to take place.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Scarlett McCarthy, the founder of Literally Broke, about Scarlett's experience balancing a full-time job, multiple freelance gigs, and personal health and happiness.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Jessica F., aka Mrs. Fioneer, about the thought process that led to Jessica leaving her job, how an abundance mindset propelled her forward, and the keys to cultivating and maintaining an abundance mindset.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Rich Jones of Paychecks & Balances about how he and his podcast co-host decided to go their separate ways, the difficulties of a one-man operation, and the lessons from this split.

Julien and Kiersten Saunders from rich & REGULAR speak with Sarah Li Cai, about their coping mechanisms at the beginning of the pandemic.

Jason Vitug of Phroogal talks with Sarah Li Cain about the journey he has taken since achieving success and focusing on his personal values as his true metric of success and happiness.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez about her business and financial struggles during COVID. She shares how she dealt with the loss of income and stability and the ways she was able to pull through.

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Michelle Jackson, host
Plutus Awards Podcast Staff - Steve Stewart Photo
Steve Stewart, audio producer

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About Michelle Jackson, host of the Plutus Awards Podcast.

Michelle Jackson is the award winning host of “Michelle is Money Hungry.” Thoughtfully holding financial conversations leading with change and equity in mind. You can find her roaming around Colorado during her down time.

About Steve Stewart, audio producer of the Plutus Awards Podcast.

Steve helps podcasters free up their time from editing so they can focus on growing their business.

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