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Michelle Jackson and the Plutus Awards team invite financial media rockstars to talk about success with blogging, podcasting, writing, speaking, and more.

Their stories will inspire you.

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Episode 1: Harlan Landes

Reintroducing the Plutus Foundation
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Julien and Kiersten Saunders - Plutus Awards Podcast Header

Episode 2: Julien and Kiersten Saunders, rich & REGULAR

How to Monetize Your Personal Brand (Without Getting in Your Audience's Pockets)
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Jillian Johnsrud Cover

Episode 3: Jillian Johnsrud, Everyday Courage

How Jillian Johnsrud Fired the Haters
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Background

Episode 4: Angela Rozmyn and Dr. Regina Moore

Monetizing a Mission-Driven Financial Brand
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Joseph Hogue Cover

Episode 5: Joseph Hogue

Knowing When It's Time to Let Part of Your Business Go
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Patrina Dixon Cover

Episode 6: Patrina Dixon, It's My Money

How to Affiliate Market the Ethical Way
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Rachel Hernandez Cover

Episode 7: Rachel Hernandez, Mobile Home Girl

The Mobile Home Girl Shares How She Pivoted From A Free to a Paid Membership
Episode and show notes coming soon.
Plutus Awards Podcast - Michelle Jackson Cover

Episode 8: Michelle Jackson

Navigating the Nuances of Monetizing a Personal Finance Brand
Episode and show notes coming soon.

Previous Episodes From Prior Seasons

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Jason Butler about flipping thrift store items, starting his blog, and what inspired him to take it more seriously.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Natalie Torres-Haddad about her identity as a Latina and its relationship to her marketing as well as her goals with her portable podcast studio.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Pete McPherson about how he had to manage three years without a steady income source after quitting his job, moving to another city, and losing a part-time job.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Tarra Jackson about Tarra’s creative methods of leveraging and positioning her books, the skills that unexpectedly saved Tarra from a financial bind, and the evolution of Side Gig Con.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Carter Cofield, the founder of Cofield's Concepts, about the birth of Cofield's Concepts, the decision-making process and pay-off from his hiring choices, and how to leverage hiring as an investment to grow your business.

Emily Guy Birken speaks with podcast host Sarah Li Cain about the systems that Emily set in place for herself and her family to reorganize their routines and adapt to both the pandemic and the change in Emily’s work intensity from her new book contract.

Elyssa Kirkham, the founder of Brave Saver, talks with Sarah Li Cain about honoring the experiences of Elyssa's audience, acknowledging how personal experience informs financial decisions, and creating nuanced financial advice.

Paul Vasey, the founder of Cash Crunch Games talks with host Sarah Li Cain about the educational impacts of gamification and building his business to change how students learn personal finance.

David Stein, the founder of Money For the Rest of Us, talks with host Sarah Li Cain about the intricacies of operating a membership site and the steps he took to set his membership site up for success.

Kevin L. Matthews, the founder of Building Bread, about his journey building a business, the support he received from his spouse, and the mindset shifts that needed to take place.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Scarlett McCarthy, the founder of Literally Broke, about Scarlett's experience balancing a full-time job, multiple freelance gigs, and personal health and happiness.

Sarah Li Cain speaks with Jessica F., aka Mrs. Fioneer, about the thought process that led to Jessica leaving her job, how an abundance mindset propelled her forward, and the keys to cultivating and maintaining an abundance mindset.

Plutus Awards Podcast Staff - Michelle Jackson Photo
Michelle Jackson, host
Plutus Awards Podcast Staff - Steve Stewart Photo
Steve Stewart, audio producer

You will be inspired by these stories.

Hear from the top financial authors, podcasters, video creators, and speakers. What are the secrets of their success?

This podcast is for the independent financial media. Bloggers, writers, podcasters, and more will hear from the best of the best.

The Plutus Awards Podcast is hosted by Michelle Jackson (Michelle Is Money Hungry) with assistance from Plutus Awards founder Harlan Landes and long-time Plutus Awards volunteer Miranda Marquit.

In each episode, Michelle speaks to content creators, entrepreneurs, Plutus Award winners, and your idols in the financial media. For more about the Plutus Awards, visit

About Michelle Jackson, host of the Plutus Awards Podcast.

Michelle Jackson is the award winning host of “Michelle is Money Hungry.” Thoughtfully holding financial conversations leading with change and equity in mind. You can find her roaming around Colorado during her down time.

About Steve Stewart, audio producer of the Plutus Awards Podcast.

Steve helps podcasters free up their time from editing so they can focus on growing their business.

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